Lund engineers strive to design hulls that withstand the toughest conditions. What is the secret of Lund's exceptional flotation? Strategically injected foam that exceeds US Coast Guard requirements, allowing its passengers to return safely to dry land!

Don't let your boat's performance limit your fishing performance. If you cannot maintain precise positioning while fishing, your chances of hauling your catch are seriously compromised. Fortunately, the meticulous design and manufacture of Lund boats allows you to master your craft like no other, resulting in results that surpass your competition.

At the base of a Lund is the exclusive IPSMC ("Integrated Power Strake") hull design, a system that consists of a pronounced central keel ensuring full control of the boat. Under the aft part of the hull, the boat has a flat bottom which greatly reduces water disturbance. This softened water reduces engine effort which ultimately achieves better performance.

Lund'S LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY gives you the best comprehensive coverage on the market. From bow to stern and gunwale to gunwale, your new Lund is backed by a transferable warranty *. It’s because we build our boats so well that we can afford this superior warranty.

The Lund tradition of excellence would not be possible without the dedicated work of the people who build Lund boats and the professional fishermen who help design them.

Because you will never find a better boat, we allow ourselves to have high standards when we grant someone the right to offer them to you. When you see the Lund sign displayed in the window, you know the dealership meets Lund's stringent standards for customer satisfaction.